FAB Gist: 9ice Denies Rumours of Romance with Undergraduate

Nigerian artist 9ice, who is currently preparing for therelease of four new singles has denied rumours of budding romance with Funmi Omotosho, an undergraduate at Babcock University.

While the singer, as always, is not too vocal about such fabricated stories, his close friends have come to his defense that the undergraduate in question Funmi Omotosho and her boyfriend are both friends of 9ice and they have all found the publication misleading and embarrassing.

According to another source, 9ice said, “I attended Funmi’s birthday not quite long which also had her boyfriend in attendance. Sincerely, I can’t fathom where the whole story is coming from but I know that the mischief makers are at it again”.

So there you have it; another day, another unfounded tale of rumoured romance.

With this rumour now dead and buried, we can now look forward to more interesting news from the 9ice camp -  four new singles titled Ike Kan, I Dare You, Obawon and Get Into from next double album, GRA (Galvanizing Right Ahead) and CNN (Cancelling Numerous Negativity) and two more videos from the Bashorun Gaa album, 3310 and Attitude shot as part of the video compilation 9ice will be releasing by December.


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One Response to FAB Gist: 9ice Denies Rumours of Romance with Undergraduate

  1. Michelle Spice says:

    He’s hot, hot, hot!!!!

    Sexy as the garden of Eden….

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