Having grown up in a very Western environment yet holding onto my Traditional African, Christian values that were consistently driven into me by my mother, the topic of homosexuality has always been that of a touchy one. In the past few months the Western Culture have been drawn and highlighted to this stigma that goes along with this sexual orientation in Africa especially after the Ugandan ‘Hit List’ that was released late last year. Here a newspaper published a story featuring the top ‘gays and lesbians’ in the country with their photos and addresses and the statement ‘HANG THEM’ by its side, knowing fully well that their was an ‘Anti-Homosexuality Bill’ with homosexuality being punishable for up to 14 years in prison.

Now I concentrate on this topic solely because I came across a story today of Chika Nwafor, Gay Nigerian Man who a,fter his public flaunterous affair with a German lawyer Mark Schwartz has had to battle the emotional strains and attacks of being a Gay Nigerian and even marrying his partner and hence being a Gay Married Man in a very traditional dominated culture. With Nwafor bringing his partner to Nigeria with the talks of adopting a baby boy, many debates and opinions have been sparked.

He recently released a statement today responding to all those who disapproved of his lifestyle saying :

“Hello all, thanks for the comments. Nigerian men are not just straight but use the picture of wife to cover up and still sneaking out with one excuse or the other just to have a young boy they’re having sex with. And they always boast of their marriages and still go for boys – same to so many lesbians’ housewives. But I won’t be part of such even though for anything. I believe I have my life to live and have been good with which ever sexual preference I see myself with. I still respect everyone, and thanks to those who call me names and those who claim that I’m evil. But one thing is certain, I’m not sleeping around. I am a well-reserved married man and I’m happy with my man. I’m also enjoying the best of my marriage. So please let’s live the way we see our life ok and stop discriminating.”

My question now is will Nigeria or Africa in a whole ever be accepting of homosexuality?

With the recent openness of sexuality especially being expressed in Nollywood, is Nigeria becoming more accepting regarding the topic of SEX like it’s Western counterparts UK and the USA?

What are your thoughts let’s discuss?

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