We all know that one of the hardest things in life is sticking to a healthy diet. Experts recommend that you plan our meals in advance so you don’t get tempted when faced with less than healthy meal options. Although planning every meal can be really difficult especially for a lot of folks who enjoy snacking all the time.

According to research snacking has been found to be the leading cause of childhood obesity. So, there are just two options proffered: Stop snacking a lot or snack healthier.

Sounds simple but not so easy right? For a many of us, who find it confusing differentiating what is healthy snacking and what is not, check out our four important tips to help prevent unhealthy snacking.


1. Identify your craving

This is the first step towards achieving a healthy meal plan. A particular food craving might point to something lacking in your diet. Find your favorite craving(s) and then note the possible item(s) missing from your present diet that you can munch instead unhealthy snacks such as Chocolate, Fries, cake, and so on. Try snacking on natural fruits, nuts, or take a vitamin/mineral supplement.


2. Remove Temptation

Put away every temptation from your home. Get rid of them all from your kitchen closets, refrigerator, shelves and toss them in the bin outside your home. Replace all junk food with healthy choices ( fruits and nuts). To keep yourself from buying any junk, never go to the grocery store while hungry. When you have only healthy foods to eat, you’ll make healthy choices.


3. Avoid Boredom.

Keep yourself active and busy, so your thoughts do not revolve around food. There is a lot more to do than eat try picking up a new hobby if you are clueless on what to do.


4. Drink plenty of water!

The water intake recommended does not include the water you receive from food or coffee. If you feel thirsty, this means you are already dehydrated – and dehydration can often be confused with hunger. Keep a large jug of lemon favored water, chilled herbal tea, or Crystal Lite on hand if you don’t like plain water.

Another trick is to keep a drinking glass and jug of water always in sight. If it’s in front of you, you’ll have no choice but to drink it.

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