On our internet travels this afternoon we stumbled upon the talented singer and songwriter Chad Saaiman and his brand new hot hit titled “BANGX2” and this is what we’ve been playing at the FAB office all afternoon. Shame we didn’t discover the soulful sound of Chad much earlier even though Chad has been performing for well over a decade gracing crowds in Cape Town, London, Spain, Johannesburg and several other big cities internationally.

The sensational musician has written songs for some of South Africa’s big artists such as Loyiso Bala from the group Bala Brothers who he wrote songs such as “FOUND LOVE” and “WORLD OF MINE” which received a nomination at the 2012 South African Music Awards.

Chad’s debut album Chasing Melodies was released in 2009 and featured three scorching hot singles- “Moving On”, “Seeing Stars” and “Won’t Change” which sold well and received nominations. The second offering The Flight won him over a multitude of fans, with hit singles such as “Thinking About You” and “Days Go By”.

Having grown up in a household where music was the ultimate love, it’s no wonder his own music wonderfully touches hearts. On the stage he wows fans with his smooth soulful voice and oozes a charm only a true musician can pull off. If there is something that amazing about Chad’s music, it’s the he expresses emotions to the words of his songs.

Chad has gone on to release his latest song “BANGX2” which the video is currently making causing a stir on music channels and as well as on radio. His music flows and can be described as infectious, untainted and soulful. With looks that can “melt a females heart”, Chad is the ambassador of Markhams a clothing retail store; mobile devices brand Mi-Fone and 15 On Orange Hotel. Chad and his boys Lloyd Jansen and Keeno Lee, together known as The Black Ties will be performing at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town where they will be performing alongside talents such as Sash-Lee, EBI and Lucy Tops.

The South African singers aim is to see his latest offering top charts and position him in the African music scene and win him more African hearts.


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