Wow! What an end to an incredible 90-day journey to fame, celebrity and of course money! Big Brother Africa, The Chase upped the prize for its annual reality show to $300,000 and Dillish the Namibian is taking it home. Along the money she takes home her integrity and pride, as she stayed true to her boyfriend back home and never got intimate with any young man in the house even when intoxicated. Congratulations Dillish. Congratulations Namibia.

I must say that the finale was extremely suspense-filled as Nigeria’s Beverly and South Africa’s Angelos’s lover was one whom a lot believed and  thought would take the prize home as she was quite entertaining in the house. However, the host, IK had no qualms about evicting her first.

Social media immediately went abuzz saying it would be either of Ghana’s Elikem or Nigeria’s Melvin that would take home the prize but alas Elikem was evicted next.

As social media immediately began celebrating Melvin’s win being the strongest contender amongst the three housemates left. IK moved in again and unceremoniously announced his eviction. Nigerians went crazy on Social media and some even declared that it must have been a fraud and the results were rigged.

Now who do you think Nigerians and the rest of Africa started routing for afterwards? Dillish, of course! As the suspense and anticipation ate up Cleo and Dillish now left in the house, IK decided to put them out of their misery as he declared Dillish the winner. She immediately broke down crying as she really never thought that Africa would have voted for her seeing she had stronger contenders in the house. We enjoyed every bit of ‘The Chase’ and look forward to the annual ritual. If you did not know and are not a fan of Big Brother Africa, it is the biggest and most watched reality show in Africa. Look out for it in 2014.

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