Brother’s Keeper” is the new great movie to look out for in the cinemas pretty soon. Starring some of the best actors from Nollywood and Ghollywood, the crime / romantic film is something you want to look forward to.

Omoni Oboli, Majid Michel, Beverly Naya, Moyo Lawal and Barbara Soki do commendable justice on this one.

Brother’s Keeper in a few words is the story of a family that falls apart on account of tragic deaths. The husband (Majid Michel), who almost can’t deal with the deaths starts to act differently. This complicates things for his wife (Omoni Oboli) who doesn’t understand her husband anymore and can’t keep up with his recent character change. The turn of events grossly affects their relationship as she begins to suspect him of having an affair in the family.

Brother’s Keeper is a must-see for any action and fun-loving individual.


Director: Ikechukwu Onyeka
Producer: Okey Ezugwu
Screenplay: Omoni Oboli
Additional Screenplay: Kehinde Olorunyomi

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