NYane and Mpho are the twins that have fashion lovers across tumblr and instagram falling over themselves to dress like them, wear one of their pieces or just to be their friend. The two British born Southern African beauties have the looks, the figures, the confidence and the fashion sense that a lot of us dream we could at least feign. The duo have two very different styles yet very contemporary, diverse and well, interesting.


NYane is all about being noticed yet being different, with her Grace Jones inspired look to her white hair, yeah you read that right, not white blond but just plain white hair. She breaks fashion boundaries and doesn’t abide by any fashion laws. On her taste she would describe it as ‘sculptural and structured’ loving the looks of Janet Jackson and Grace Jones in particular. Her own creations reflect the structural element of her pieces, (oh did I forget to mention she designs her own clothes from time to time?) from cut out ‘Chromat’ like bralets to simple skirt and pant designs.


Mpho on the other hand rocks a much calmer bohemian look which has a hint of edge to it, making it her own personal style. Her fashion icons include Rachel Bilson and Isabel Lucas.


Together the twins have managed to garner some attention for their fashion taste, having showcased it initially via their tumblr blog which was just the beginning of sharing their fashion with the world to sharing it across other popular blogs and their personal instagrams. They’ve also been featured on Nylon Mag’s blog, Nasty Gal’s blog and in ASOS’ magazine.

To keep up with the twins check out their tumblr and instagram pages: NYane & Mpho


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