Blackarmoor are at it again!! As of this morning, the London based Urban Fashion Designs by Gray Rwanga of Blackarmoor Clothing have introduced their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection new line of limited Edition Varsity Jackets and Sweatshirt that will have only 10 garments each available Worldwide. They recently won the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards for Urban Fashion Designer of the Year 2012 and a few weeks ago they introduced a brand new line in Accessories Blackarmoor is not stopping for anyone.


Follow their blog: for latest news.


 All their garments will come with a nice velvety flock print which is nice to the eye.


To order contact Blackarmoor on:

TEL: 07985510525 / 07826160419 / 07572069151  (live on 7th of July 2012) 
E-mail- blackarmoorclothing

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