Are you stuck in a fashion rut? A lot of women especially find it a bit difficult to figure our what to wear to work while looking stylish, sophisticated and fun. Balancing all this with work-appropriate outfits can be difficult for some people but not to worry, the FAB fashion team is here with excellent tips and ways to add a pop of colour. When you step out with color, basic, professional pieces no longer look basic.

How-To-Wear-Colour-To-Work-FAB-Magazine-Fashion-March-2014 (5) How-To-Wear-Colour-To-Work-FAB-Magazine-Fashion-March-2014 (6) How-To-Wear-Colour-To-Work-FAB-Magazine-Fashion-March-2014 (6) How-To-Wear-Colour-To-Work-FAB-Magazine-Fashion-March-2014 (7)The trick is to look at colour combining as a three part approach, which is called the colour Tripleplay. With the three part approach to dressing you’ll understand the three components of an outfit which are- the base the accent and the pop. Check out a video tutorial on the Colour Tripleplay Here.

How-To-Wear-Colour-To-Work-FAB-Magazine-Fashion-March-2014 (1)How-To-Wear-Colour-To-Work-FAB-Magazine-Fashion-March-2014 (5)From the colour wheel examples above you can get an idea of how to pair a few pieces. These three ways are how you can infuse colour into your outfits – either though the base colour, accent colour or pop colour.

The Base Colour(s): The base colour is typically a neutral and in your more tailored pieces, like bottoms, skirts and suits.  These pieces usually have longevity and are usually in colours that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

The Accent Colour(s): The accent colour is the colours in your tops, like knits, blouses and sweaters but can also be things like blazers, cardigans, etc.  These colours, which can be neutral shades or colourful ones, work back to the base shades.

The Pop Colour(s): The pop colour is the color that adds that final touch to an outfit, and usually the part that most women neglect.  Typically, the pop is in the smallest percentage of the outfit like jewelry, shoes, handbags, belts, etc.  The pop colour always complements the accent colour, either tonally or as a great contrast shade to the accent.

How-To-Wear-Colour-To-Work-FAB-Magazine-Fashion-March-2014 (7) How-To-Wear-Colour-To-Work-FAB-Magazine-Fashion-March-2014 (8)

FAB Style Suggestions

Outfit 1

How-To-Wear-Colour-To-Work-FAB-Magazine-Fashion-March-2014 (2)This shows a Colour Tripleplay of navy, green and yellow.  Navy and green is such an easy color combination and, without the yellow shoes the outfit would still be just fine.  However, that last unexpected pop of yellow adds just a touch more excitement.  Yellow is a great pop colour, especially if you want to embrace the colour but don’t like it near your face or to wear it too heavily in an entire outfit.


Outfit 2

How-To-Wear-Colour-To-Work-FAB-Magazine-Fashion-March-2014 (3)One area where women tend to step out with colour is in dresses.  Even if you have a dress that is colourful it doesn’t mean that you can’t add an additional pop of colour. The colours of the dress and shoes are brought together by jewelry.


Outfit 3

How-To-Wear-Colour-To-Work-FAB-Magazine-Fashion-March-2014 (4)This outfit is a perfect example of how easily you can make a pair of charcoal pants and a basic white button down more exciting.  All it takes is some simple colour additions in basic pieces.  Here there are quite a few pops going on and, even though there are several colours, they all work together.


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