vlisco-hero-fab-magazine A new season, a new collection from the much loved Dutch wax manufacturer Vlisco, and with this new collection, rich in bold new designs, daring styles and geometrical patterns, Vlisco is celebrating the hero within us, those with the courage to forge their own path on the stage of life and bask in the limelight they create and to be independent and express her inner strength at every occasion. main_EN The campaign imagery aims to depict women expressing their feminine strength through male inspired styles – it is all futuristic, linear stripes making it sartorially easy for the wearer to create their own unique statement. main_EN2 For this new collection, the label have teamed up with an iconic Belgian fashion designer Harvey Bouterse, inviting him to create iconic styles from Hero’s bold new fabrics. These, much like the designer’s design ethic,  take inspiration from men’s clothing influences, powerful lines, strength and independence; concepts that link beautifully with Hero’s theme.

vlisco-hero-2-fab-magazine vlisco-hero-3-fab-magazine “The women who will wear the Vlisco fabrics were never far from my mind. I wanted to inspire women’s imagination and I wanted to free their minds to try many different options. To show them that instead of wearing a one-piece outfit with Vlisco fabric, it’s more interesting to divide it into separate pieces; a blouse, a skirt, trousers, a jacket, a scarf, a belt and then combine them endlessly,” said Bouterse about the collection. Find out more about more Harvey Bouterse’s creative process in designing this creation here. To see the fabrics now visit the Vlisco website now.

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