Lady Biba, one of Nigeria’s freshest fashion labels has been steadily rising in the Nigerian fashion world. Collection after collection the Lady Biba brand has continuously wowed us fashion lovers.

20140521-224734-1280x1706Creative Director of the brand, Bisola Adeniyi shares on her blog 5 ways to care for your clothes and who better to take clothe advice from than someone who works with them?

Here are 5 tips to increase the longevity of your style grabs:

1) Always Hang your Jackets and Blazers right until they are about to be washed and fold your laundry as opposed to rolling them up in a ball. I know we have lazy moments where you’re tired and you make “dunk” with your shirt. Hey! Would you dunk a Chanel boy bag? I bet you wouldn’t so treat every item with a special touch so it doesn’t become trash too soon.

2) Dab stains with a piece of cloth soaked in Cold water. You know that moment when you’re eating that delicious piece of chicken or taking a mouthful of soup and a little falls on your dress and in a moment of panic you quickly swipe it off… Well, Don’t! Never rub stains, gently dab it. That way you have a better chance of removing it permanently.

3) Air it out. Clothes love a little breeze and natural light. As opposed to using a dryer, use natural light to dry the clothes as dryer often changes the shapes of clothing. If you don’t have all the time you can dry it half way and remove while still damp to spread in the sun. Bring out clothes you haven’t worn in a while out as well from time to time to freshen them.

4) A drizzle of vinegar. Our water can be hard sometimes and this does not allow the soap to work efficiently. You can add a little vinegar to loosen up the water specially for rinsing.

5) Use Seams to Guide Folding. Every garment has seams. Find it and use it to guide your folding. That way the garment retains it’s shape.

Seems easy enough doesn’t it?

You can shop for your Lady Biba products as well as other Nigerian and African brands at The FAB Shop – No 25, Oduduwa way, GRA Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

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