maria-khan-portraitFor women who like their jewellery with global influences, Pakistan born, Hong Kong based jewellery designer, Maria Khan is a name to get to know. Trained at the London College of Fashion UK, she started her prêt line in Pakistan which was a huge success before moving to Hong Kong with family.

As unique and global as herself, her designs have always been influenced by her personal life experiences and cultures she is part of being raised in Pakistan, studying in London, marrying an Indian and living in Hong Kong.

Catering to a global clientele from her base in Hong Kong, Maria Khan talks about jewellery, different cultures and influences and dream clients.



Tell us a little about you, your brand and its history?

I was born and raised in Karachi, the business capital of Pakistan. I left for college to study women’s wear at London College of Fashion. London is the city where my heart belongs, and that’s where I met my husband and had kids. My creativity was keeping me restless, so when we moved to Hong Kong I took on the opportunity to start my own business. I started experimenting with ideas and soon had my own brand under my name, Maria Khan. My designs were instant success in the expat community.

Born in Pakistan, based in Hong Kong and having studied in London how does your global experience shape your creations?

I was born in Pakistan to an Arab mother and a Pakistani father. I got married to an Indian and I’ve have lived in London and Hong Kong. My heritage and cultural experiences have heavily shaped my personal style. My designs hold and balance the sensibility of my cultural influences.


Tell us about your inspirations behind your label in general and the Spring/Summer 2014 collection?

My designs are mainly inspired from my life experiences and my travels. My Spring/Summer 2014 collection is inspiration from a recent visit to the Temple of Confucius, Taipei. The inspiration was not just the temple but the words of Confucius too.

Describe the Maria Khan woman?

A Maria Khan woman is someone who is not afraid to try new ideas. She is bold, and has a desire to explore and cherish her memories.


Any celeb clients to date we should know of?

Not yet, but I hope to see some soon.

Who would you like to see wearing your label?

I would love to see Thandie Newton and Freida Pinto in my creations as they are both style icons and so feminine.


Where can fans of the brand buy your creations?

We do have retailers in a few cities internationally including Hong Kong, India, Pakistan and London. We are also looking to launch our online store by the end of April at

What’s next in 2014 and beyond for Maria Khan?

As I mentioned, we are opening our online store, which is super exciting. We are also looking to expand our brand in Asia and Europe.


And our classic question: What makes the Maria Khan label FAB?

The Maria Khan label is FAB, because each creation makes the East meet the West. Each piece has a string of memories and has a unique story to tell.

Facebook: Maria Khan Jewellery

Twitter: @mkhanjewellery

Instagram: @mkhanjewellery


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