Miley Cyrus has reached a whole new level of being “Hollywood’s Good Girl Gone Bad”. The music star has repeatedly shown the world that she is ready to bare it all and her fans either love her or leave her. It’s amazing the way she has remained relevant in the media too – this time a year years back, Britney Spears tried to change from being a sweetheart to being a sexy and “no holding back” type of adult and her career crashed.

Yet Miley Cyrus is booking gig after gig, going on tour, covering loads of high name magazines. Has the world changed? Or is Miley just, forever in our hearts, a misguided and heartbroken Disney teen? We take a look of our 10 top Magazine covers from Miley Cyrus in the past years, because regardless of what she does and how she does it, she is one star who knows how to keep her name one our tongue.

Over the years Miley Cyrus has transformed before our very eyes and gone from “Disney Sweetheart”…

Miley-Cyrus-BBS Miley-cyrus-fabmagazine-top-covers (3) Miley-Magazine-May-2009-Cover

…To “Classy Almost Adult”…

MILEY CYRUS at Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers Miley-Cyrus-Prestige-Magazine-Cover Miley-cyrus-fabmagazine-top-covers (12)

…To “Good Girl Gone Punk”…

Miley-cyrus-fabmagazine-top-covers (4) Miley-cyrus-fabmagazine-top-covers (6) Miley-cyrus-fabmagazine-top-covers (7) Miley-cyrus-fabmagazine-top-covers (10)Miley-cyrus-fabmagazine-top-covers (13)

…To “Good Girl Gone Bad”…

Miley-cyrus-fabmagazine-top-covers (1) Miley-cyrus-fabmagazine-top-covers (11)Miley-cyrus-fabmagazine-top-covers (9)With her latest and most daring cover being the Vogue Germany below, we can’t help but wonder what the next phase is going to be for Miley Cyrus. And while we love her channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe for the Vogue Germany covers, we can’t help but wonder if her next magazine cover will be without the hands.miley-cyrus-vogue-germany-cover3Check out two more Covers from the triple cover the March 2014issue of Vogue Germany:

778x1024xmiley-cyrus-vogue-germany-cover1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.oIB_iF0wyz800x1056xmiley-cyrus-vogue-germany-cover2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.qTa7GKrkiFWhat are your thoughts on the changes we keep seeing from Miley Cyrus? Do you think it is just a phase?

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