At the Dat Trace Thang Party that held last weekend at the Harbour Point, Victoria Island Lagos, The FAB Fashion Police Eye was on the red carpet and in the hall. It was just a party right? But everyone looked like they needed rehab. Okay, some people looked fine and some FAB. Some of the red carpet looks were a bit polarizing, leaving some of us drooling and others gagging.

The party was fun with free tequila shots from Omelca but some of the outfits were yelling.

Our FAB Eye decides who looked drab, who looked fine and who rocked looking FAB. And you know how we always do it, we start with the bad news before the good news.




Is this a mop dress? Did her stylist leave all her stylish clothes in the wash? Tiwa Savage reminds me of a big bird.

Is this supposed to be sexy? What the heck were you thinking? Oh no, It's trashy hun.

Seriously? Did we miss the memo or she thought it was rack day? No and No, lose your friends. They don't care about your image. She looks like she wanted everything in her wardrobe to be on her body and then call it a day.


G-Lory- *Police siren sound* The cops are here and all five fingers are pointing back at them. It is not a costume party you know...


Solidstar - Big E for Efforts and Big R for Risk. But this risk failed you. Dont ever take this risk again except you are about to get on your horse. Very unflattering. NOTE: These aren't carrot pants, these are called 'breeches'

The seperates are well combined. We love the snake skinned skirt, the neckpiece and the sheer blouse. But the hair and make-up makes her look like she needs rehab for drug addiction.



At first glance Yvonne Vixen looks FAB. But at second glance it looks waaaaay too much. The hair is a NOT for this ensemble. Less would have been better.

Sexy Steel - Totally love everything about this look, but looking from head to toe I expected a less dramatic pair of shoes when my eyes got there


Toke - This was one person who looked like she was going for a DAT TRACE THANG party but still looked like a lady. 9/10

Freeze of Cool FM looks really cool and FAB. The perfect gentleman look for any girl at a party. We Love

It’s sad to say only two people made our FAB list.

Until next time, leave your comments here.

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