A new low for high fashion this week arrived in the shape of a black-up fashion editorial in Numéro magazine‘s ‘African Queen’ editorial which uses of highly bronzed white model in the role of the ‘African Queen’. Yes, you did read right – ‘African’ indeed.

Maybe the magazine was hard pushed to find black models – although the same agency that represents Ondria Hardin seen here as the ‘African Queen’ has several black women in their pool.





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One Response

  1. Michelle Spice

    The caucasians always come with something shady! Even they know the right and it suppose to do the right, its difficult for them to do!

    We don’t need your representation of what an African Queen should look like! She looks as if she died and went to hell! Even though you tried to dress her up:(

    Naomi Campbell, the only african model that speaks out about white supremacy in the fashion industry. She holds no bones in telling the industry what she knows and thinks about them.

    African women don’t need your pity, we are the queens of the universe. You would love to be black wouldn’t you?


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