Love pop art, all things old school American? Then this collection is exactly what you need in your life. The gorgeous models at the Napsugar gave as sassy attitude that said ‘we all know I look good right now’ as they posed among their very pop art props, engaging with each other and the environment. Imagine a comic book with lots of colour and art, the words ‘BOOM’ and ‘KAPOW’ emblazoned here and there – add super hot models and you have not your regular old superhero filled comic book but a super hot and fashionable collectable.


You had your sassy girls clad in biker boots, leather and super cute school girl like dresses, giving a sense of girly rebellion to a contrast with a completely girly model who strode in, in ballet pumps and the similar school girl dress, giving us a show as she performed some ballet moves, unlike the rebellious girls who gave rocked steely looks perfectly matching their somewhat tougher looks.


Featuring predominately navy blues, reds and whites, the collection kept it simple yet intriguing. Leathers, furs, lace up boots, girly dresses and lots of thick colourful socks Napsugar had their all American 1950s girl down to a tee. And they certainly left us with one fashion tip for the A/W season; socks with your favourite sandals is most definitely going to be an in thing. So forget about packing your favourite sandals away once summer’s over, add a pair of thick socks and you’re good to go.


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