Made in Preston is a brand that specializes in fashion forward styles for women with bigger boobs. So if like a lot of curvy women you struggle to find the right size and fit for your shape, Made in Preston is the place you need to shop at.  Based in the industrial docklands of Preston, it is set to become the hottest new brand on the block.


Most fashion brands often assume with their sizes that women with big breasts are bigger in size, when that can be the complete opposite. Fashion is something that everyone should be able to enjoy and as someone with a bigger chest I know how frustrating it is to see a dress you love try it on and find its too small for your boobs or too big for your waist; so when I heard about Made in Preston I was more than impressed and happy I found a place that considers me.


Made in Preston collections include statement party dresses, casual day dresses, pretty blouses, tops, bright bralets and bikinis. I was fortunate enough to recently try their butterscotch stretch jersey dress an item I would definitely encourage you to buy. from the moment I put it on it fit perfectly, I didn’t feel too tightly compacted and there was more than enough room for my chest area, (courtesy of the stretchy material) and it felt light and soft.


The real excitement happened when I decided to wear it out on a hot day, it’s a simple dress but definitely a showstopper as there wasn’t a single person who didn’t stop to look. Instead of making me look frumpy, it hugged me in all the right places without being too revealing, just sexy and complimentary. As a woman you want to wear something that people will want to look at or even ask you where you got it from, and this dress did all that for me. Made in preston also have other amazing items perfect for the summer weather  and new summer trends that are bound to make you look fabulous.


Something you’ll all be delighted to hear is that they are currently having buy one get one free on all clothing! Also being a UK based manufacturer out of stock items are replenished within a few days time. In addition if you are a first time customer you can get an extra 20% off your first order with code “FIRST20”

Nikki Hesford

Nikki Hesford

If you haven’t already seen it please check out our interview with the brands owner Nikki Hesford here.

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