Made in Preston is a brand that specializes in fashion forward styles for women with bigger boobs, and are basically a heaven send for stylish women with big boobs. Based in the industrial docklands of Preston, it is set to become the hottest new brand on the block.

Fashion is something that should cater to everyone, so it is particularly demotivating as a bigger chested female when you go into a shop to try something you really like on, and it doesn’t fit simply because of your chest size, but you can’t even get the size up because then it would be too big for your waist. Not to mention the fact that most stores who do cater for big boobs are not really on trend or target a generation of fashionistas.


Made in Preston have hit the nail on the head when it comes to designing clothes for women with big boobs, and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either, they have completely affordable prices that range from £35-£75, (the price of what some bigger chested females pay for a single bra). The icing on the cake however is it is all manufactured in Preston, which means that not only do your clothes that fit to your taste but you get free delivery, free returns, and if something goes out of stock, no worries, within a week there will be more.


Nikki Hesford

We decided to have a chat with Made in Preston owner Nikki Hesford and ask her some question about her fabulous brand:

FAB: How did you come into designing clothes for women with big boobs?

Nikki: I started in 2008, I was looking for shirts to wear to job interviews and was finding that  I couldn’t button them, because my boobs, it seemed like a really obvious problem, so I had a look online and couldn’t find anybody else doing it apart from Bravissimo. Bravissimo style wasn’t particularly to my taste, and I was just amazed that there was nothing out there available for bigger boobed women, apart from one other company that was aimed at an older audience.

FAB: Do you get a lot of positive reception from women with big boobs, because you’ve created a site that they can go and actually buy clothes from?

Nikki :Yes! Some people until now haven’t been able to find clothes that fit their boobs and are even more counter-shocked when its affordable. There is free delivery, free returns, really good customer experience, really on trend, really good photography and very socially active; they haven’t seen anything like this before.

FAB: Where do you get your inspiration from in terms of the trends that you use, when developing the collections for the website?

Nikki : We look at catwalk trends and when we see something that is a clear trend like tartan or monochrome, or when we can see there is a trend emerging , then we’ll design something based on that.

However not all trends lend themselves very well to people with big boobs. For instance the dropped waist trend is just no good for big boobs, we pick the trends that compliment big boobs and adapt them into what we know our customer  wants.

FAB: Everything on the site its stylish, affordable, current and now.

Nikki: Yes, people are amazed at the prices on the site because they are cheaper than bravissimo and more stylish. We are ultimately hoping to do a better job than they are doing.

FAB: Do you have any favourite pieces?

Nikki: The tartan ‘rebel zip’ dress, that has also been hugely successful, we sell one literally every 20 minutes, it’s flying of the shelves and we’ve brought out a new limited edition version of the dress because it’s been so popular. Then my other favourite would be the Gold sequin dress.

FAB: You manufacture all your clothes yourself, that’s a massive responsibility, what made you decide to do this?

Nikki: When you manufacture in China there is a much higher volume it can take much longer to do, which means you can’t be as responsive to trends or to market alterations. Manufacturing in China could also take about 16 weeks to manufacture, whereas under your own roof, it can take about 1 week to manufacture. Manufacturing ourselves means that we do things more quickly and can change and react to things more quickly.

Also everyone knows we are in a recession and have been for a long time it seemed like the right thing to do, we wanted to do our little bit and put 12 people back into work .

FAB: Do you alter the clothes if they don’t fit?

Nikki: We don’t do a custom make, however if a lot of people came back to us and said “we really love this dress but the shoulder straps are too narrow or too long” or “the dress is too short” then we would revisit the patterns. For example When we fist did the bralet on our site a lot of people said the cups were too far apart, if we had manufactured that in China, we would have had no choice but to stick with it. Whereas because we manufacture everything ourselves we were able to just pull the pattern out, amend it, then put it back into production, which means not a lot is lost apart from a couple days more time.

FAB: If you run out of stock and a customer notifies you, what do you do?

Nikki: If we are selling a lot of something and the stock runs out then we’ll email the customer and say ‘we are very sorry but the item has run out’, then notify them that it will take an extra 5 days till we get some more stock in.

FAB Five:

Q. Your favourite Designer?

A. Karen Millen

Q. Your favourite musician?

A. Sammy Davis Jnr

Q. Your favourite food?

A. KFC (the greasier the better)

Q. Your favourite thing to do?

A. Spending time with my husband and little boy

Q. FAB thing about you?

A. I Went on Dragons Den in 2012 and I am a keen long distance runner

Here are some FAB dresses from ‘Made in Preston’:


We love this Leather/tartan dress, that is selling on the site now!



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More about the Brand: Made in Preston is bursting with attitude. Gone are the frumpy A-line dresses, stretchy wrap-around styles and chintzy smocks that have filled the wardrobes of those blessed with ‘bustiness’! Made in Preston do not want you to wear uninspiring styles anymore!

Women want sexy dresses, bold colours and fashionable fabrics, and it is essential that
they fit to perfection. So girls, this is what Made in Preston is giving you. If you are a size 8
with a G cup bust then look no further, Made in Preston have a fashionable range of
dresses from sizes 6-16 that accommodate cup sizes ranging from a 26DD-38J, meaning
that tiny waists and big busts are no longer a shopper’s nightmare!

Made in Preston collections include statement party dresses, casual day dresses, pretty blouses, tops, bright bralets and bikinis. Made in Preston is a fashion brand like no other! Resonating a Northern sincerity, glamorous charm and feminist attitude, the brand will make girls all over the world wish they had bigger boobs!

Made in Preston is now having up to 70% off sales so visit the site now!

Click below to access them on their social media!







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