It’s a feel-good experience !

What does this mean you might ask?  Well it means you get more bang for your buck with lots of prizes offers and giveaways at all beauty stalls!!!  This month, LPM is bringing the best in beauty, makeup, haircare, skincare and personal grooming to Imperial Place. Not to worry other categories are still welcomed, Beauty just gets the limelight this month.

However, other vendors should not feel left out!!! LPM has a monthly ‘Special’ dedicated to vendors in each category:

1.       Design – Womenswear and Menswear

2.       Living & Wellbeing – Home, Technology and Lifestyle (including, food, wine, confectionery, gifts and gift services)

3.       Beauty (Bazaar) – Makeup, Haircare, Skincare, Grooming and Beauty Services

4.       Accessories – Jewelry, Leather Goods and Accessories

Every month relevant vendors get a discount on stalls and shoppers get discounts and giveaways  in the featured categories.

Also introducing: LPM Inside Loyalty Scheme – Loyal Shoppers to be rewarded. Each LPM visitor will get a stamp booklet and for every purchase over N3,000 the customer gets a stamp!! All you need are 12 of these and you’re on your way to getting a freebie worth over N10,000!! Like the sound of that?? Make sure you stop by at the June edition and get to stamping!!! Become an LPM Insider now!

The June edition of LPM is set to take place on Sunday 30th June. To participate sign up at to register as a vendor and sign up for an event, if you have any difficulty send an email to 

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