On our second day of London Collections: Men our other FAB blogger Mpona and I embarked on an all accessories day, which just so happens to be my most favourite thing after clothes. I pretty much felt like a kid in an accessories candy store, whether it was the jewelry, the bags or the signature sunglasses, everything was just sublime and I was in bliss.


We ventured over to a menswear bag designer The Cambridge satchel company. The Cambridge satchel company new AW14 collection titled ‘Explorer’ is the latest menswear collection and draws experience from great explorers. The bags perfectly encapsulate the Cambridge satchel trademark quality, while still drawing upon elements like camouflage, webbing and distressed leather.

Even though it was a menswear collection like most of the accessories we saw on the day, the items could easily be worn by women as well, which was definitely pleasing to someone like me, who is an avid satchel lover.


The piece that most stood out for me was the camouflage satchel, because of how the emerald green complimented the camouflage print hair so well.


The new collection proved to be very unique and practical, the designer had thought of everything, there is even a slot in the front of one of the bags that allows you to put a newspaper through it. This immediately told me that not only were they catering for fashionable men, but also considering practical things that a customer needs from a bag, above and beyond the norm.


My other favourite piece was the traditional yellow satchel, that caught my eye from the minute we came up to the the display area. It just seemed like the perfect piece to complete an outfit, especially if the outfit you were wearing was all black or maybe just neutral toned; the perfect way to describe it would be a statement piece satchel.

Next on our quest was Menswear sunglasses designer “Eye Respect”. Eye Respect was born out of a desire to pay homage to the long and distinguished histories of English and Italian culture, Style and standards of craftsmanship.


Eye Respect frames are designed by hand and manufactured by hand. Their designs are also conceived in London in the artisinal way and then taken to the region on Veneto in Northern Italy to a family owned workshop that has been producing the finest acetate frames for 50 years.

Their designs were quite unique, and stood out to us, especially the more patterned acetate frames that were reminiscent of a cloud of colours merged together. I especially loved the quirky little displays they had, which were sunglasses stands with mustaches, making it look like part of a face.


My favourite frames were the more rounded ones pictured below; once again even though this brand was designed for men as a woman I would quite happily purchase from them. They make quality product and at an affordable price of £185, which is great for the man who likes his signature pieces and invests in them for a long time.



One of the most interesting things I saw on the day was a shoe brand by the name of Diego Vanass Ibara, who incorporate craftsmanship into their shoe designs, giving it an original and authentic feel. From first glance you can automatically see that it is something you haven’t seen before. instead of doing the conventional laces through the shoe, they incorporate woods, and other material, on top of the shoe, so it almost looks as though its floating on top.





A particular favourite of mine is the shoe pictured below which look like a classic piano in shoe form, it was very elegant and eye catching.



Of course I can’t forget some of the beautiful jewelry I saw on the day by Tomasz Donoick. Staying true to female form, I was automatically attracted to the shiny pieces, that varied from edgy to more romantic and classic. I couldn’t really select a favourite I would have worn everything and personally if I could, I would have bought everything. You could tell a lot of thought went into each piece, and that they were designed to compliment each other but highlight different things. Even the display was impressive, with the long hanging bulb shining light onto the jewelry displays.


20140107_172415 20140107_172509





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