It’s come around again, my favourite time of the year – Fashion Week, when fashionistas upon fashionistas come out in their hundred all bringing their A game, dressed to impress – from the most artistic to the most ridiculous ensembles – you get to see it all at LFW.

2014-09-13 13.55.37


Style Icons; Alexandra Wang and Alexa Chung

Style Inspiration: Likes the all black look, particularly chiffon and silver hard wear as part of her accessories

2014-09-13 13.56.34


Style Icons; Olivia Palermo “she can do no wrong”

Style Inspiration; “This particular look was actually inspired by Zara store display, the mannequins were in all red and I remembered I had a look I could pull out in all red”

Or 60sa


Style Icons; Dita Von Teese

Style Inspiration; 60’s print


Maga Moura 

Style Icons; Rihanna

Style Inspiration; COLOUR! Loves Brazilian fashion


Lucaz Eniqua

Style Icons; Alexandra McQueen

Style Inspiration; he loves layers and unique things to wear. Details make his outfits, contrasting hard and soft in one look, accessories – especially his hats (he’s a cap designer, wearing one of his own creations in shot above), outfit by KTZ.

2014-09-13 14.13.18


Style Icons; “can Prada be one? I love Prada”

Style Inspiration; “honestly I just wear what I like”

2014-09-13 14.21.03


Style Inspiration; “This is my daily look. I like layering skirts and trousers”



Style Icon; Victoria Beckham


Kelsey Jones

Style Icons; Vanessa Hudgens

Style Inspiration; gone for a simple classic look, quite 60’s inspired. “I made the bag myself, I wanted something unique and that would stand out” we have to say that shell bag is super cute!



Style Icon; Rose Lagrua, Tasya Van Ree

Style Inspiration; “All black, I’m always in black!”

We have to say we totally love her Yohji Yamamoto shoes!

rhea a


Style Inspiration; Pretty Sickly, Beauty Crush 

old schoola

Emily Carter

Style Inspiration; vintage inspired


Ramario Chevoy

Self proclaimed risk takes in fashion, can appreciate the likes of Lady Gaga. He loves his Egyptian gold pieces – give him anything Egyptian and/or gold and he’s all yours.

Style Icons; Pharell Williams “his style is clean”, Andre 3000, Miguel

Style Inspiration; all things Egyptian


Hazey Mahmod

Style Icon; “I’m my own style icon”

Style Inspiration; she’s quite ‘free spiriti’. “I based my look on the weather today, it was quite gloomy so I thought I’d go all black. and I’m not wearing shades today but needed something to cover my eyes [hide face] so I went for this veil”

2014-09-13 15.02.54

Juliette Foxx

Style Icons’ Olivia Palermo, Lady Gaga, Dragonball Z


Style Icon; Hot Pursuit

Style Inspiration; Grey and white, inspired by her hair

2014-09-13 15.07.49a


Style Inspiration; I-D Magazine

animal revolution

Steve Chu

Style Inspiration; Animal revolution inspired. He’s a fashion designer wearing one of his pieces from his latest collection which is all about the revolution of animals

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