L.V.I is a clothing line that emerged in January 2012 in the young mind of an intellectual called Andromede Thiombiano; with the help of her siblings, a masterpiece was at work. L.V.I stands for the number 56 in Roman numerals.


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It took 56 days to set it up and promote this new movement which creates the mission to which they conduct their label today. The goal is to provide apparels of street wear that perfects individuality and for those style makers to define their uniqueness by the way they dress up. To be themselves.


L.V.I Legacy’56 is a brand for everyone, all ages that defines a image (46)culture of originality, innovation and creativity. This movement that started a year ago with a collection of T-shirts, has fully-fledged into an entire world, redefining the commonly used T-shirt and giving it a new identity. L.V.I uses T-shirts as a canvas to paint their vision of the world and stands for providing quality work and creating a sphere of influence that will invite people to take a chance at being themselves and pursuing their aspirations: Dare to be different, dare to inspire, dare to break boundaries, dare to dream as we are all innovators, in one way or another.Legacy’56 strives to make this, a legacy of a new lifestyle: a rediscovery and redefinition of oneself.

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Come March 30 – April 1, 2013 (Easter) L.V.I will be launching at the FashionistaGH Shopping Centre at the Events Haven at the Trade Fair Site, Accra. Don’t miss great discount from Legacy’56 and chic collections from their 2013 lookbook!!!

Like their page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/legacy56/ and their website for more updates and more trends in their collections http://www.lviclothing.com/

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