“Slippers by Kene” Is an initiative to promote the development of the local (Nigerian) industry, by using locally sourced materials and   workmanship, to provide bespoke handcrafted ladies slippers.

‘Slippers by Kene’ is a footwear line from the eponymous fashion accessories label ‘Kene Rapu’ which was introduced in October 2011. Kene holds an LLB Law degree from the University of Bristol, UK. Prior to that, she spent her secondary school years at the Cheltenham Ladies College, UK. She moved back to Nigeria in July 2011 and is currently at the Nigerian Law School. Kene juggles her academia with part time modeling and now, being an entrepreneur. She has modeled in shows such as the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week, and was one of the finalists of the Face of Sleek 2011 competition, to name a few.

In addition to her academic background, Kene has always had a fervent passion for fashion and the growth of the Nigerian fashion industry.  She would always look forward to coming home for the holidays during which she could undergo internships at fashion houses and work closely with some of the pioneers of the Nigerian fashion industry.

Kene’s love for fashion, eye for detail and creative nature inspired her to start her own footwear line. The newly introduced line has grown very quickly, with a demand for slippers way beyond her expectation, and a clientele base spanning from children to grandmothers, to a number of women of style.

She describes the ‘SlippersbyKene’ woman as one who values comfort, good quality and unique styling.  A lady who knows the importance of foot wear to her total look and goes the extra mile to ensure that she is kitted in only the best. She is a lady that pampers her feet and does not give up a good opportunity to show off her well pedicured feet in a dainty pair of slippers, whether with jeans, to match an outfit or simply just because.

‘SlippersbyKene’ are handcrafted and made to order. Part of the production process involves sourcing for high quality and durable materials, to ensure clients are given value for their money. Kene works with a wide range of colors and styles of fabric, including ankara, adire and aso oke to give clients variety. Clients who like their bling also have the added option of  bedazzling their slippers.

There has also been a lot of male interest in the slippers, and after much demand Kene will be launching a men’s slippers line in the upcoming weeks. In a bid to cope with the increasing demand for slippers, she is working on increasing levels of production and going to the next level. This will involve employing more staff.  She believes her brand will play a role in the growth of local industry through the use of locally sourced materials and workmanship, providing jobs and revenue for craftsmen who may not otherwise have a steady income flow.

Life is hectic for Kene at the moment as she juggles two very important roles; law and being an entrepreneur. However, there is no stopping her. She is already working on her next collection which will be out before Christmas and intends to release new collections at least twice a year.

FAB fashionistas invited to follow ‘Kene Rapu’ on Twitter – @slippersbykene, ‘like’ on Facebook- www.facebook.com/slippersbykene and visit their website- www.kenerapu.com for more information.


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