The Nigeria Fashion Week provides the most appropriate atmosphere and opportunity for fashion, beauty and hair products and accessories to meet with both local and international wholesalers, buyers, retailers, end users, distributors and fashion press.
For the Nigerian participants, it offers you the widest marketing opportunities for your products and services.
And for international exhibitors, it welcomes you to the exceptional hospitality and patronage of the very friendly Nigerian people.
In its seventh year, the Nigeria Fashion Week is fast becoming the most sought after fashion event in Africa. Over the years, it has played host to both local and international luxury brands.
This year’ promises to be bigger and better.

VENUE: Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos
DATE: 17th, 18th and 19th November 2011
TIME: Runway Shows: 12 noon and 6pm daily.
*The Event is put together by Legendary Gold Limited.

About Legendary Gold Limited;

Legendary Gold Limited has been a vanguard in the Nigerian fashion and modeling industries. In its 16 years of operation, it has become the reference point and leader in packaging and organizing fashion and modeling events in Nigeria.
Its major events till date are The Nigeria Fashion Show, The Nigeria Fashion Week, The Nigeria Fashion Awards, The Nigeria Model Awards, Bayelsa Fashion week and Benue Fashion week. All these events are organized annually.
The local edition of The Nigeria Fashion Show has been staged since 1997 in Lagos and Abuja. The international editions started in 2000 in Paris, Milan, Stockholm, Cape Town, New York, Washington, Houston, Atlanta, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Rome etc.
The international events are organized in collaboration with the Nigerian Embassies in the various countries it is held.
In December 2003, Legendary Gold Limited signed a franchise contract in Paris with the international global television channel, Fashion TV. This contract includes the rights to stage The Fashion TV Model Awards which came up in Lagos,Nigeria 2004.
Also in 2004, Legendary Gold Limited signed a contract to secure the rights for the
New York based Ford Supermodel of the World contest.
In 2005, Legendary Gold Limited was appointed by the Federal Ministry of Information and Communications to produce fashion shows as part of the Heart of Africa project.
We organised the fashion shows in Washington DC, Atlanta and Houston.
In 2007, Legendary Gold Limited got Nigeria endorsed as the 41st country approved to participate in the first World Fashion Week scheduled for New York,2011.


1. Poisa(kenya)
2. Aynur Gurgur (Karakas)
3. Kerhamn (Munich)
4. Charvid fashion(Abuja)
5. Ayo Van Elmar(Austria)
6. Oluchi Gems(Lagos)
7. Bounta Gems (Botswana)
8. Roffiany(USA)
9. Heveltik Couture (Brusselles)
10. Beadville (Abuja)
11. Akwaba Couture (Abidjan)
12. Dabo fashion(Abuja)
13. amaksdesign(london)
14. Mak Nisy collections(Abuja)
15. Ayi Fashion (Accra)
16. Fashion Flair(Lagos)
17. Nzue Talents (Abidjan)
18. Mania(Lagos)
19. Moda Maroc (Casablanca)
20. Nuoba(Lagos)
21. CasaViva (Argentina)
22. National Council for Arts and Culture
23. Ekwabo (Cotonou)
24. Nigerian Export Promotion Council
25. Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria
26. Musekii (Zimbabwe)
27. Ra’cogh couture(Lagos)
28. Chrystallix(Cameroon)
29. Made in Naija
30. Ahouefa Creation (Togo)
31. Push (Lagos)
32. Ebioza (Lagos)
33. National Mirror (Lagos)
34. Tangerine (Abuja)
35. Elizabeth Philips Bridals (Lagos)
36. Fabade Toppy (Lagos)
37. Designers Muse (Lagos)
38. Ell Diva (Lagos)
39. ToTe Accessories (Lagos)


*DAY 1- Thursday 17th

1st Show(12pm)
-House of Misiano (Lagos)
-Alvince (Lagos)
-Debby Stitches (Abuja)
-O’makdesigns (Washington DC)
-Frankoo Designs (Tanzania)
-Zizi Cardow (Lagos)

2nd Show(6pm)
-Zhukkii Afro Designs(Lagos)
-Dabo Fashion (Abuja)
-Toorad Couture (Lagos)
-Bendtmark (Abuja)
-Alabi’s Couture (Lagos)
-Charvid Fashion n Styles(Abuja)
-Aremu Couture (Johannesburg)


DAY 2 – Friday 18th

1st Show(12pm)
-Going Green Collection
-Theodora (Lagos)
-Bayelsa 5 Designers (Yenagoa)
-Africute Casuals (Lagos)
-Scissors & Buttons (Portharcourt)
-House of Jola (Lagos)

2nd Show(6pm)
-Ra’cogh Couture (Lagos)
-Debby Stiches (Abuja)
-Ama Glow (Amsterdam)
-Serendipity (Abuja)
-Poisa (Nairobi)
-Amaksdesign (London)
-Frank Osodi (Lagos)

DAY 3 – Saturday 19th

1st Show(12pm)
-Beldies La Mode (Abuja)
-OJ Couture (Lagos)
-Ayo Van Elmar (Austria)
-Tangerine (Abuja)
-BebeGrafiti (Lagos)
-Chrystalix (Cameroun)

2nd Show(6pm)
-Duaba Serwa (Ghana)
-Monu & Monu Fashion (Lagos)
-Armstrong Loga (Cameroun)
-Elizabeth Philips (Lagos)
-Modela Couture(Lagos)
-Fred Eboka (Johannesburg)


**For invitation and tickets, Call: +2348155554037 and +2348100444377, Email: [email protected] and [email protected] Tickets are also available at Muson Centre, Tastee Fried Chicken outlets and David Wej Outlets.

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