Zimbabwean born designer, Rumbidzai Audrey Ngwarai, will officially be launching her label Diella Reaux this year at the 2012 Zimbabwe Fashion Week. In the works since 2009, Diella Reaux is ready to step out into the fashion world and will be showcasing a collection of both ladies and men fashion.

Rumbidzai Ngwarai, 23 years old, has always had a soft spot for fashion. Spending most of her free time at shopping malls in Zimbabwe, South Africa and China, it came naturally for her to want to develop her own clothing label and turn it in to a success.

The name Diella Reaux is inspired by the Latin language, as Diella in Latin means ‘Worshipper of God’ and has a similar meaning to the name (her name) Rumbidzai in Shona. The Reaux, in Diella Reaux, is a fancy play on the nickname that her friends have come to call her.

According to designer Rumbidzai Ngwarai, Diella Reaux is a response to the “lack of high end fashion clothes” in Zimbabwe that allows people to feel “bold and elegant.” Rumbidzai, spotting this gap in the market, felt that she would be part of the solution by bringing to the country a redefined style of high fashion clothing that would truly express ones style. Her approach to designing focuses on bridging the gap in international fashion trends and local fashion trends that she hopes to see as a positive impact on the Zimbabwean fashion industry. “I truly believe that it’s high time our nation broke barriers fashion wise.”

Zimbabwe Fashion Week will see the elegant and bold styling of Diella Reaux. The very first collection, which remains nameless for now, derives inspiration from every aspect of the world we live in. “I draw inspiration from all things, it could be as simple as a startling colour contrast on a flower arrangement to something unconventional but intriguing” Examples are nature, geometry and sounds to name a few, but there is more where those came from as Rumbidzai seeks to transform every outfit showcased on the ZFW stage in ways that will speak to every individual.

Twitter: @DiellaReaux

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