I sat down to have a chat with Ryan Handy, a budding fashion photographer whose photos are quite popular around the tumblr circuit as well as on the pages of tantrum magazine. He has just finished working on a shoot for the third issue. A short conversation turned out be, but we touched on his photographic style, his inspirations and why working for vogue would make him “extremely proud”.









Every photographer has a signature style, his/her own point of view, from Hedi Slimane’s love of black and white to Mart and Marcus’s intent on contrasting colours. What exactly is your signature style? 

I think my style is quite classical with a handful of youthful energy.


How did this style developed? 

Well I was trained quite traditionally so I try to make sure everything is neat and tidy in the image first, like making sure my female models  hands look feminine and elegant. I also love the beautiful black and white fashion images from the 50’s and 60’s so they have a big influence. And then I have current young photographers that influence me, like Damon Baker and Lara Jade. So I guess my style is becoming a mixture of the work I love most.


Around what time did you start taking photos?

I first started taking photos after using my Mum’s camera for an art project at school aged 16. I started working [professionally] as a portrait photographer at a studio in my home town when I was 17. I did my first fashion shoot just over a year ago when I was 21.


Looking through a few of your photos, they seem to be rather flawless with great attention to detail, is that quality an important aspect in your photographs? 

Yes! I must admit I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I guess if I see something in an image that I believe I can tidy up to make better, I will. I want to produce campaign quality images so that’s what I try to do.



As a visual artist, it is believed that you should try new things in order to push yourself, as well as your work forward, do you believe in that or are you one to stick with your elements? 

I’m interested in producing fashion films in the future to complement my images so I’m excited to learn more about that.


A lot of the work done in fashion is done in corroboratory, from the love affair  with vogue and Testino, and frequent relationship with Richardson and Harper. How important is it for you to collaborate with the stylist or art direction of whoever you’re working with? 

It’s important to listen to the creative team you are working with. If I come up with an idea for a shoot, I like to know what the rest of the team thinks. That way we can tweak it and all be on the same page, and confident about what we each need to do to create the best results.


A few photographers have some elements that reoccur in their work, whether it’s a model or a specific location. Is there anything you refer back to ?

I like to use the same sort of lighting. In the studio I mostly use one light and when I’m on location I just use natural light with no reflectors or flash.


What other photographers do you look to for inspiration? 

Damon Baker, Lara Jade, Paolo Roversi and Patrick Demarchelier to name a few!


It’s always hard to pin-point a specific photograph as your favourite but is there a specific shoot, or series of photographs you have been really proud of?

I think my recent pastel shoot is my favourite set of photos so far. But hopefully not for long!


What would be your dream publication to work with ?

The obvious one, VOGUE. All the greats have had images in Vogue and I would feel extremely proud. Plus my mum and dad would be pretty happy.


You can follow Ryan on twitter here and to takea full look at his portfolio his website is ryanhandyphotograpghy


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