We love a good collaboration!

London designer with Ghanaian descent Ozwald Boateng has collaborated with Dutch fabric company Vlisco to create a special limited edition collection of wax fabrics. All the pieces in the 14-piece collection have the same fabric but come in various eye-catching colours.


Using a spiral geometric design, the material in 100% cotton comes in colours such as brown, purple, blue, green as well as two-tone colours.

Since 1846, Vlisco has been creating unique wax prints inspired heavily on the vibrancy of West and Central African culture. It is nice to see them collaborating with African designers to bring out true African elements in their collections

Check out some pieces below:

VL053087.06_mainimage_productdetailzoom_1 VL053088.06_mainimage_productdetailzoom_1 VL053089.06_mainimage_productdetailzoom_1 VL054352.06_mainimage_productdetailzoom_1 VL054356.06_mainimage_productdetailzoom_1

Don’t you just love the prints?

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