If you’re after unique African-inspired pieces, make Toubab Paris your first online stop. The label was launched in 2006 by Parisian designer Maud Villaret, a Duperre textile design graduate who worked with with a range of fashion and interior designers before launching her accessories label.

Entirely handmade, these fab accessories bring together travel trinkets to create a sartorial style inspired by ethnic accents.

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Toubab Paris has already garnered press coverage by the French Elle, French Cosmo, Fashizblack Magazine, L’Officiel amongst others.

Check out these unique Toubab pieces and pay a visit to their website – but watch out: you’ll be tempted to spend a pretty penny on these amazing accessories guaranteed to add FABness to your summer style.

6-toutenfleur 8-kala-touco-sepcinq 8B-karobe 13-langa-koulikolo 12-fima 11toutenlustre-et-toupic 10-julu 9-folo-lonkalan 14-dawu 15-corail-touglam 16-mandela 17-terranga 18-firifiri 24-zebre 23-toumagic 21-toumaya 20-toutenpompon 19-waalii


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