fab-magazine-fabrice-monteiro-2Here at FAB HQ we love the work of Fabrice Monteiro and hang our heads in shame that his work was not featured here in all these years. Born to a Beninese father and a Belgian mother, Monteiro is an artist who is no stranger to fashion. While working as a professional model, he learned all about the complexity of the composition, the lighting and the posture, so it was a natural progression for him to pick up a camera and capture the world through his own lens, creating a visual world in his own multicultural image, mastering the aesthetics that allows his images to carry the weight of traditions and modernity.

Some of his well known work include A Gorean Summer documenting life on Goree Island, extending to Dakar’s surrounding beaches, and Marrons: Les esclaves fugitifs (Brown Runaway Fugitive Slaves). an evocation of runaways through the photographer’s eyes based on devices worn during slavery, which shaped the series.

Check out Monteiro’s work and head over to his website for more images.

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