Never thought we’d take style advice from British pop star Jessie J, but in a bizarre twist, on tonight’s episode of TV reality talent show The Voice UK, during a spat with Danny O’Donoghue over Cassius Henry, Jessie J showed her styled credentials by advising Cassius to not “trust people who wear denim on denim!” A blatant dressing down for the The Scripts singer who has shown a penchant for, erm, dressing down in double denim.

A huge hit in the ’80s and the ’90s, double denim admittedly lost its edge over the last decade or so and donning denim on denim was for long reserved for the likes of ’80s tribute band leads and those with a dodgy sense of style… until, that is, slowly but surely, denim on denim made an unexpected comeback in 2009 when Ralph Lauren, D&G and Rag & Bone sent models down the runway in the formerly dreaded DD look. Then came a bevvy of beauties and beaus – and no less than the likes of David Beckham, Kanye West, Usher, Kate Moss, Rihanna, and most recently Tyra Banks – and we were sold.

Or were we? Which club do you belong with? Jessie J and co. or Danny’s Double Denim army? To DD or not to DD?

Tyra Banks in double denim

If it is good enough for royalty?

Danny O'Donoghue




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