Drogba21Ivorian international footballer and philanthropist, Didier Drogba has announced the upcoming launch of his men’s underwear and beachwear line which will be produced in partnership with French male clothing brand, HOM.

The exclusive collection set for sale as from May 1 will have a percentage from every pair of pants sold go to his charity foundation. The 36-year-old took to his official Instagram account to post an exclusive image of himself wearing the new range.

He commented “I’m very proud to announce the launch of my underwear brand.The first underwear brand that will be launched to support a foundation,my foundation, The didierdrogbafoudation. They will be out on 1st of May,you can pre-order them at www.hom.com/didierdrogba 1€ from every pair sold will go to my foundation #drogba&co #drogba&co #drogba&co #drogba&co #didierdrogbafoundation #underwear #launch

We certainly cannot wait for pieces from the line to start being sold at retail stores but more than that we cannot wait for new campaign pictures which will surely show the ace footballer in his underwear.

Galatasaray AS v Real Madrid CF - UEFA Champions LeagueSpeaking of his new venture with HOM, Drogba who plays forward for Galatasaray states that ‘By producing my own line of underwear I’m able to achieve two goals; to design a fashionable men’s underwear range, and to create a product that will directly support my charitable foundation – to aid in healthcare and education in the Ivory Coast.’

BeckhamandChristianoinunderwearOver the years we have seen other footballers model in their underwear for either their personal underwear line (think David Beckham) or for another brand (think Christiano Ronaldo for Armani). We are definitely excited to have Drogba stepping forward with his own line and we are already counting the days to May 1 when sales will officially begin.

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