FAB Fashion: Diane Von Furstenberg Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of The Wrap Dress

If you’ve ever worn a wrap dress (and chances are that you have) then you have high fashion brand designer Diane Von Furstenberg to thank for that. DVF pushed out an iconic wrap dress 40 years ago and ever since women have been able to merge femininity with style.

40 years ago, Diane von Furstenberg created the famous wraparound dress , which helped her to write her name in the fashion history. Around the same time , in 1974, she posed for the great Andy Warhol .  To celebrate the 40th anniversary of  this, their memories have been merged together in a capsule collection called  Pop Wrap: a DVF and Andy Warhol Foundation Collaboration.

Diane-Von-Wrap-Dress-40th-Anniversary-FAB-Magazine (2) Clothing and accessories from this collaboration, among which there is the famous wraparound dress , combine recognizable style features of Diane von Fürstenberg like Chain Link and Twigs prints with Warhol signature icons, flowers and dollar signs. The collection includes the wrap dresses with various prints,a couple of sweaters, roomy bag and clutch. On some of these things are the backdrop motives of Warhol’s works which have become signature prints of Diane von Fürstenberg: black and white drawing which simulate the interlacing of the chain and a chaotic pattern of white lines on a contrasting background, similar to a leopard coloring.

About her famous fashion items Diane said  “I have had a very interesting relationship with the wrap dress because the truth is, it happened by accident. First it was a little wrap top inspired by what ballerinas wear, with a matching skirt, and then I made it into a dress.”

Apart from this collaboration she has also put together an exhibition showing the journey of the iconic dress. The exhibition is from January 11 to April 1 2014 at Wilshire May Company Building, 6067 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. There was a party launch for the exhibition and from Gwyneth Paltrow to Allison Williams and Seth Meyers, the stars came out for the opening of the Journey of the Dress exhibition. Diane-Von-Wrap-Dress-40th-Anniversary-FAB-Magazine (3)

Some Guests At The Exhibition Launch

Some Guests At The Exhibition Launch

Watch the Video of “The Journey of The Dress Exhibition”

DVF also most recently, on Sunday 9th February 2014, showcased at the ongoing New York Fashion Week and the celebration of the wrap dress continued there with a burst of golden confetti showering down from above, and her models — all dressed in shiny gold — dancing and cheering behind her as the show ended. It was a suitably celebratory atmosphere, enhanced by live music.

Pieces From "Bohemian Wrapsody" at NYFW 2014

Pieces From “Bohemian Wrapsody” at NYFW 2014

The collection she showcased is called “Bohemian Wrapsody” because of the anniversary. According to her, “This year is the anniversary so it was nice to do something new, and then it occurred to me that my wrap dress was originally inspired by the little sweaters that ballerinas wear.” The finale of von Furstenberg’s show, in which the models came out again, in shiny gold dresses, made clear reference to the little sweaters.

Diane-Von-Wrap-Dress-40th-Anniversary-FAB-Magazine (7) Diane-Von-Wrap-Dress-40th-Anniversary-FAB-Magazine (8) Diane-Von-Wrap-Dress-40th-Anniversary-FAB-Magazine (9) Diane-Von-Wrap-Dress-40th-Anniversary-FAB-Magazine (10)
Diane-Von-Wrap-Dress-40th-Anniversary-FAB-Magazine (5) Also in a bid to celebrate the dress, Diane opens up to fashionistas to share their “Wrap Story”. She states, “I was 26 when I created the wrap dress. Its success allowed me to become the woman I wanted to be. Women often tell me why the wrap dress has also been important to them. Now, we are collecting stories and photos from women all over the world.” You can share your story on the DVF website.
Diane-Von-Wrap-Dress-40th-Anniversary-FAB-Magazine (4) Fashion women all over the world have DVF to thank for the wrap dress as this creation is a staple in every stylish woman’s wardrobe.


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