Congolese fashion designer Kahindo Mateene made the cut for season 12 of popular American Reality TV show Project Runway. With a collection she says was inspired by a trip to the West African nation of Mali, her fashion label Modahnik has created a Fall/Winter 2013 collection of dresses using prints that the she created.

Kahindo Mateene says:

The inspiration for this collection came from henna tattoo I received at my brother’s wedding in Mali, West Africa. I wanted to create a vibrant collection that was not only unique but also very bold. This is clearly seen in each look throughout the collection“.

See more images and video of the collection below:

Modahnik-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection1 Modahnik-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection2 Modahnik-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection3 Modahnik-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection4 Modahnik-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection5 Modahnik-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection6 Modahnik-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection7 Modahnik-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection8 Modahnik-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection9

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