Being entirely fictional did not stop the Twilight wedding between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen any less anticipated as the “wedding of the year”. Furthermore, the success of the film and the grand wedding has caused a ripple throughout the wedding industry.

Days after the blockbuster film hit our screens, a replica of Bella Swan’s wedding dress was put on sale in stores.

The fast turnaround has however, not been a magical miracle – the film’s producers at Summit Entertainment worked with bridal retailer Alfred Angelo, who have secretively been planning the replica dresses together since May, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The designer, Michael Shettel, joked about the confidentiality agreement stating it was “signed with blood”.

Word emerged in August that the dress project was underway, but the clandestine nature of the project was so secret, that Alfred
Angelo stores were not given prior warning to the arrival of the Bella dress.

The original gown worn in the film was the responsibility of Venezuelan fashion designer, Carolina Herrera. Creating an Edwardian
inspired gown complete with silk, buttons and a demure V-shaped neckline, the dress is valued at $35,000.

Both the dress and its accompanying specially-designed Manolo Blahnik jewel-encrusted shoes are set to go on sale as part of the designers’ 2012 collections.

The replica, which costs a very reasonable $799, stays faithful to the original, but opts for liquid satin instead of silk.  Mr Shettel said, “The stitching on the bodice is the same, and the lace detailing is similar. There were pricing issues to try to get it down to $799. That was the biggest issue more than design issues.”

Although fictional, the marriage of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen was highly anticipated

The designers are hopeful that the stunning gown will capture the imagination of Twilight fans, and seen as though the film saga has an 80 per cent female fan base, they may be in luck. However, it is thought that many teenage viewers are too young to be looking to the wedding dress market just yet.

Mr Shettel says, “It really is for a Twilight fan because it does represent what the film is about… I think the silhouette transcends many different viewpoints.”

The replica dress follows in the footsteps of two other hugely high profile, though rather more real weddings, this year. Both the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding gown, by Alexander McQueen, and Kim Kardashian’s Vera Wang wedding dresses have been imitated at cut-price retailers.

The Bella dress


The Bella dress

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