Starting the month off in style as we do, we at FAB have got something new and exclusive for you lovely FAB-ones. Alali Boutique’s new A/W ’12 collection entitled ‘Need For Glam’ brings something fresh for the wintry season. Inspired by surface water sports’ wear and the glamour of the 1950’s this collection fuses together to create a wearable and delectable collection. The collection is nothing short of speedy, intriguing and glamorous.  A trip last December speeding through the creeks of Calabar and Opobo Kingdom sees Alali Boutique use a subtle colour palette and paneling from sportswear.

This new collection is more structured than previous Alali pieces but it still stays true to the brand by incorporating soft silhouettes and fluid pieces with sheer detailing.

‘Imagine you could wear really glamorous and stylish clothes jet-skiing or wakeboarding….’- ALALI Boutique

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