It fills us with joy to hear that one of our absolute favourite swimwear brands Bantu has recently shot a look book on the beaches of Ivory Coast.

Created by Yodit Eklund with a mission to introduce the world to African beach culture by creating a hot line of beach and resort wear, accessories, and skincare products using indigenous prints, labor, and materials, all 100% made in Africa, Bantu kept the latest lookbook in line with the label’s mission shooting on the beaches along Africa’s West Coast. In a special feature for The New York Times Style, the 26-year-old designer Yodit lamented why ‘‘some of the best beaches in the world’’, including some one her favourite spots, are surfed only by locals. Here, Eklund’s favorite spots.

Bantu which means “gateway” in Wolof (the native language of Senegal) is a label which not only sources its products 100% from Africa but also aims to showcase Africa a a  “fashionable continent, with great surf!” Now if this video here is anything to go by, it’s time to don our Bantu swimwear and hit the surf on an African coast.


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