Just when we thought mainstream fashion magazines learned their lesson about not using black face in their editorial there goes another surprising disappointing us again. The end-of-year no-we-haven’t-learned-anything Black Face comes from Metal Magazine.

The Barcelona-based publication painted male model Abel Van Oeveren’s face entirely black for it’s “Transmission” feature photographed by Johnny Dufort and styled by John Colver in the Fall/Winter 2013.


Seems, moving in the footstep of this year’s culprits Vogue Netherlands and Numéro which featured black face editorials, Metal is either courting controversy or they seem to have missed the connotations of painting a white model black. This comes after the criticism faced by  fashion designer Allesandro Dell’Acqua and Elle France’s beauty editor, Jeanne Deroo, dressing up in minstrel-inspired ensembles, so we cannot even begin to imagine the reasons behind this creative license.

Perhaps they will learn in 2014, right?

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