Alex Folzi is a brand for vintage, classy and elegant wears. It was created by Nigerian twins, Fela and Fola Fagbure. The brand’s goal is to change the fashion industry with its premier briefcases and accessories. Alex Folzi briefcases range from different colors to styles and are available for both men/women. I spoke to Fela a bit more about the brand and here is what he had to say:

                                                                                                         The twins, Fela and Fola Fagbure

What makes Alex Folzi FAB?

Alex Folzi is more than briefcases and trunks; we offer sleek accessories, stylish/trending apparels, and comfortable footwear. Understand the true meaning of uniqueness and individualism in this brand.

How did you come up with the name Alex Folzi?

Alex is the short form of Fola’s English name “Alexander” and Folzi comes from Fola as well. That was the nickname given to him back in high school. People often ask why we decided to use one person’s name for the brand. But to us it doesn’t really matter. We decided to use Alex Folzi because Fola had the first idea to start the line.

How did it all start?

It was a trip from New York after the Christmas holiday, after spending time with family and moving round the city we decide to start our own clothing line. We always had that passion for fashion and that business flare as well. We basically had designs already drawn on paper, so we decided to make them reality.

Who is your target audience?

We target all sorts of people and all sorts of age group as well. Our target originally was from ages of 15-25 but a month after we launched the products the numbers increased more than we expected. We had skateboarders, dapper kids, preppy ones, working class, street style, vintage collectors etc. We come up with unique, elegant and colorful designs. So it made it a wider market range for our brand and it also increased the publicity as well.

Where do you see Alex Folzi five years from now?

Our company will more than ever remain steadfast to the tradition of the Northern American/European heritage and values. But over the long term, our international expansion efforts will offer us the most exciting and transformational growth opportunities. There is so much for us to achieve worldwide. The transition of our Southeast Asian business will mark a major stride forward, particularly as it relates to achieving our long-term goal by having approximately one-third of our revenues come from the Asia-Pacific region. The market growth dynamics are very compelling and among the strongest in the world. We believe the potential for our brands selling in China, given the growing appetite for global vintage brands among Chinese consumers, is tremendous. Just as our revenues will be increasingly generated in international markets, we will allocate our capital and managerial resources accordingly. We have always believed that stores are the most important link to our customers. They will be the home to everything we create. Our dedication to finding the most outstanding locations and customizing them with the right product/apparels to fit the culture of our brand is just the right way to grow. There are so many exciting things coming up for Alex Folzi ☺

I know you guys are really into fashion. So I’m curious, what are your most FAB things to wear? What are your favourite FAB trends out there right now?

Majority of things we like to wear now are mostly army/military inspired. Our favorite FAB trends- White, Bright colors, and stripes.


How and where can we purchase Alex Folzi designs?

As at now, we only sell online at our Website and Facebook

But our new collection is going to be in stores close to you if you live in Canada or the states.

Great! Thanks for your time.


I’m really liking these suitcases and I definitely see these guys going a long way!

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