On April 5th 2013, the superb New York based and Pan-African inspired fashion house, 54 Kingdoms will begin stocking their selected ready-to-wear (RTW) pieces from recently launched Kingdom Come collection at the all-new Aya Morrison Atelier in Dzorwulu. This partnership makes Aya Morrison Atelier the first boutique in Ghana to carry 54 Kingdoms products.

This highly anticipated collaboration will showcase the outcome of the fusion between creative minds, the yarn and the needle, demonstrating the love and passion behind each tailored piece. This is also a platform to illustrate the hard work behind the amazing 54 Kingdoms “kulture”.The pieces will include the company’s famous Afrikana Delight skirts and tops for Queens (women), University of Afrika (UoA) elite tee-shirts and sweaters for Kings (men) and the much anticipated, Bonoman Belts (available for Queens and Kings).

About 54 Kingdoms 
54 Kingdoms is an apparel company that brings the Pan-African creative, history and culture to the doorstep of global fashion. By paying close attention to detail and to fine craftsmanship, 54 Kingdoms serves the cool, common and sophisticated. At 54 Kingdoms, we just don’t dress to IMPRESS, but to EXPRESS culture, pride and identity.


About Aya Morrison 
Creative Director Helena Aya Aidoo-Morrison, the brain behind the Aya Morrison fashion brand has no formal education in design – it’s simply been a self-taught childhood hobby and a deep love for the trade. After completing a corporate communications degree at New York’s Baruch College of Business, her passion for fashion escalated tremendously leading to the founding of her very own fashion label Aya Morrison. Taking online fashion classes, experimenting with textiles, understudying other garment makers in the fashion avenue of NYC, Aya developed a strong fashion sense in the industry. Aya’s main focus has been centered on exposing what we fashionably pride in Ghana and Africa (our print fabrics, our beads & embellishments, our leathers, our confidence, and most of all our rich culture) to the international world through her multi-faceted beachwear and accessories fashion line. Today, as many would describe, Aya Morrison is a trendsetting, African print fabric beachwear & resort wear line, bespoke Clutch Purses/Accessories design house, recognized for striking, vibrant designs, ethnic glamour and a delicate representation of the African culture. Inspired by the modern, classy and stylish woman, the Aya Morrison brand boasts ‘the fashion home & boudoir’ to various celebrities and socialites in Ghana and beyond.
The new Aya Morrison flagship store was recently opened for business in Dzorwulu in Accra. Boasting a … sq ft space, the atelier comfortably stocks 2 other brands in store.

Locate Aya Morrison Atelier a 1st Nii Tetteh Kwei Street in Dzorwulu, near the Dzorwulu Presbyterian Church or off The Peter Pan Eatery junction. Call us: 0302 956 355

A Trendy You indeed!!!

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  1. Michelle Spice

    Only dark skin african men can rock these beautiful bright colors and make them look fantastic! You go guy!!!!


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