It’s Friday! That means for a lot of people it’s time to let loose and generally unwind. There are several ways to do this, whether you decide to stay in curled up with a book and fine wine or go out and have fun with a few friends.

5-Essential-Things-Every-Woman-Needs-For-A-Night-Out-FAB-Magazine (5) 5-Essential-Things-Every-Woman-Needs-For-A-Night-Out-FAB-Magazine (6)For women, going out takes a whole lot of planning and coordination. What to wear, what to wear it with, how to wear it, and so many more issues arise at the last-minute of an outing. There are however some basic thinks that should just not skip your mind when you are planning for a night out.

5-Essential-Things-Every-Woman-Needs-For-A-Night-Out-FAB-Magazine (7)Whether you and your friends are heading to a fancy dinner or going dancing, these 5 items will help you stay on top of your game for the night!

1. Oil Absorbing Sheets
5-Essential-Things-Every-Woman-Needs-For-A-Night-Out-FAB-Magazine (3)
After a night of dancing, even the most perfect makeup can get runny. And while you can’t always go to the bathroom to touch up your makeup, you can always use an oil absorbing sheet to dab your face and get it right again.

2. Lotion
5-Essential-Things-Every-Woman-Needs-For-A-Night-Out-FAB-Magazine (2)
It’s better if you have lotion in your bag in case of dry skin. A lot of the times you may find random patches on your face that are dry or at other times your knees and legs are ashy, especially during the colder seasons. A baby bottle of lotion always comes in handy.

3. Pain Relievers
5-Essential-Things-Every-Woman-Needs-For-A-Night-Out-FAB-Magazine (4)
Having a pain reliever at hand is a must! Whether daytime or nighttime. One thing to note however is not to mix alcohol with medication. It is always handy to have some sort of pain reliever at hand for pesky headaches and unnerving body pains.

4. Lipstick or Lip gloss
5-Essential-Things-Every-Woman-Needs-For-A-Night-Out-FAB-Magazine (8)
Want to touch up your look while you are out with friends or on a date? You lipstick is all you need to transform your face from looking dull to looking bright. This is a night out essential.

5. Small Size Perfume
5-Essential-Things-Every-Woman-Needs-For-A-Night-Out-FAB-Magazine (1)
For those times when you feel like taking an extra step when freshening up, you can keep a roll-on bottle of your favorite perfume. Just roll a few drops onto my wrists and neck, and you tend to catch the addicting smell throughout the night.


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