These days, looking ladylike has very little to do with how much pink you’re wearing or whether or not your face is beat to perfection. Dressing up in feminine looks have generally gotten easier especially for a lot of us who would rather wear sneakers all day and go makeup-less all year round.

There are now a lot of imaginative ways to look lady-like and feminine. You can achieve looks that are delicate, demure but also daring using shapes, boxy jackets, boots and more.

Check out these 4 ways to look more ladylike:

Cape-Style Jacket
Wearing a boxy jacket thrown cape-style over your shoulders is a quick way to give a pretty outfit a little more glamour. Even with a tomboy look, a cape-style jacket can transform in seconds.Capture

Matchy-Matchy Look
Going for a full-on matchy-matchy look is prim but not prissy. It strikes just the right balance between deliberate and darling. Depending on the prints you choose you can achieve an effortless feminine look.


Trumpet Skirt
A structured trumpet skirt in a neoprene-like fabric is incredibly flattering, but also a little bit outlandish (in the best of ways). Pair it with cute pumps or brogues to add a quirky element to your look.


Ball Skirt
A lot of people tend to run away from ball skirts but the canbe ultra-feminine. The best way to wear a ball skirt outside of a ball is with a cozy pullover tucked in and with snug boots.


If you are feeling adventurous you can definitely make these looks work – all you need is a combination of sass and style!

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