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FAB Fashion: 3 Ways To Revamp An All-Black Look

We all know just how awesome the colour black is and why it will always be a wardrobe staple – it falls into any trend, it slims the body, it allows you to go crazy – and many more. Most recently Online retailer, Fashpa, had a shopping day out with several fashionistas and fashionistos in attendance.

While we loved the pieces offered and the opportunity for networking, 3 outfits stood out for us on guests at the venue; Bubu Ogisi, Titi Bello and Gbemi Abudu’s outfits.

For all those who love black and do not want to ditch it this summer we have 3 new ways in which you can revamp the look:

Go With Statement Pieces

Bubu Ogisi

Bubu Ogisi


Like Bubu Ogisi does, it is important to remember that black is a versatile colour and even though it is a “dull” colour it can be made to look stylish with statement accessories. Bubu adds an extra “oomph” to her look with a statement neck piece and a statement bag.


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