People go to so many extremes for fashion and for fame. Meet a 24-year-old aspiring model Vin Los who has tattooed his whole face with words.

The 24-year old, from Montreal, Canada has tattooed parts of his face, torso and neck with words. His chest also features tattooed hairs.

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Talking to Vice magazine about his tattoos, Vin Los explained, “Drawings don’t mean anything to me. It may sound like I have bad values or something, but my tattoos aren’t just for me.I want to be an image for people to look at, something that has an impact. Everybody who sees me is bound to ask questions: ‘Why fame? What’s his life like?’”

Unsurprisingly his highly unusual appearance combined with his good looks are gaining him increasing attention online. A few years ago as well there was a model who is known as “Zombie Boy” because of all the tattoos on his face, was tapped by Nicola Formichetti, at the time creative director for Mugler – so this is not a completely strange thing.


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