Europe’s biggest award ceremony for black and ethnic personalities in showbiz BEFFTA, recently, celebrated personalities at an elegant event. BEFFTA Awards is a special inclusive award ceremony that is committed to celebrating both unknown and known under one roof. It is an award ceremony that aims to inspire the community to achieve at the highest level. Nigerian Model, Salisu Abdulai, and Congolese Model, Lisette Mibo, are the latest winners of the BEFFTA Awards and they have been celebrated as the ‘Best Models of the Year’ worldwide since the announcement.

Nigerian-born, Salisu Abdulai, started modeling in 2011. Salisu is London-based fashion model who has experienced it all. With his love for fashion, Salisu is very passionate about modeling. He has made appearances on British Vogue, Zen Magazine, Slave Magazine, Fashion Affair Magazine, The New African Woman Magazine, FAB Magazine, Oh Yes! Magazine and many fashion blogs. Salisu Abdulai’s work has been applauded by so many and his hard-working spirit has helped him achieve many goals in his modeling career. To this day, he holds two titles as ‘Best Male Model of the Year’ from the BEFFTA Awards and the Fashions Finest Awards committees.

_MG_9777sRGB Lisette's choise Lisette's choise
On the other hand, Lisette Mibo is a Fashion Model and Human Rights campaigner based in the United Kingdom. She has participated in various international shows and worked with many upcoming and top designers; modeled for hair, fashion and retail companies; earned appearances at both London Fashion Week and Africa Fashion Week London, to name but a few. Winning BEFFTA ‘Best Female Model of the Year’ has been a huge step for Lisette because this has encouraged her to achieve more in life. Lisette Mibo has been featured in various publications, as well, such as The Voice Newspaper, The New African Woman Magazine, BBC-China Online, Black Beauty Magazine, DivaScribe Magazine, PhotoPRO Magazine, Promota Africa Magazine. She is currently featured on the cover of the Tropics Magazine’s February issue 2013.

These two young and bright African models are very excited to announce their
collaboration for a photo shoot in London. The purpose of this shoot is to send out a great
and powerful message, which is:

Great modeling is not just about great looks. One needs to be a good role model to the society and project a great image, all the times. A good model is someone who gives off a  good vibe to people; someone who knows how to express a gift, how to embrace inner beauty and finally how to tell the world there is more to beauty.”

Lisette's choise

Lisette's choise Lisette's choise_MG_9732b Lisette's choise
For more info, please visit:
Salisu Abdulai: http://www.facebook.com/Salisu2?ref=ts&fref=ts
Lisette Mibo: http://www.facebook.com/LisetteMiboModel?ref=ts&fref=ts

Image Credits:

Photographer: Vallentino V.

Make up: Karen Salandy

Designers: Preby

Maze Couture & Kgtkkt. Couture

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