Following the sad news that broke out of Nigerian singer cum producer, OJB‘s state of health and goodwill messages that have poured in since it was announced a few days ago about the producer’s kidney problem, his manager, Taiye Aliyu who was initially reported to have been upset that the news broke out has, according to the reports, very well gotten over that.

See me up” ft. Ugly

Although it was reported by a blog that Aliyu confessed OJB is in dire need of money and a kidney transplant, but on contacting him, Aliu sounded rather happy and about his business like no sad things about OJB had gone viral. He told me; OJB is fine. He’s just running tests, that’s it. It’s not as bad as everyone is putting it. He’s still doing his music.” Good to know that it isn’t a terrible situation but let your prayers still go up for him, though. You can contact the manager by the details below but OJB isn’t in a pathetic situation, neither is he in dire need of money and a transplant as has been widely reported.

Contact details:


[email protected]

See OJB in “Searching“. I love this one

We wish him safe recovery!

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