Here at FAB Magazine we love meeting new people who are making headway in their various industries and doing so differently. We were glad to have a chat with a gorgeous young woman, Portuguese-Angolan singer Solange Hilario who has the most amazing views on music, female growth in the music industry, African fashion brands and more more.

With a new single “Tick Tock” soon to be released on the 21st of July, 2014, it was quite a delight chatting with Solange Hilario and hearing her views on several things. Read her FAB interview below:

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FAB: Can you tell us who Solange Hilario is, your background, Education, Family?

SH: My full name is Solange Hilário de Sousa. I’m 20 and was born in Oporto north of Portugal. My father is Portuguese and my mother is Angolan. I have two younger sisters. I consider myself a lucky girl to have such an incredible support from them ever since I was a little girl dreaming about becoming a singer.

FAB: Tell us what growing up was like for you?

SH: I’ve always considered myself to be a grown-up girl. I always knew what i wanted to do and how i wanted to manage my life and career. I had the focus and it has stayed with me.  Being a woman responsible for her own destiny never scared me. I love being an independent woman!

FAB: What ignited your passion for music?

SH: I have always sung. But I started singing ‘seriously’ when I was 11 in my local church choir, just for fun with my friends. But then it started to make sense to me, I discovered my voice and how happy I was – and still am – when i was singing. So I started to practice every day at home in front of the mirror and kept practicing, until one day I decided to apply for the Portuguese Idols talent show. It was a great experience. I’ve learnt so much and realized that (singing) was what i definitely wanted to do, and … here i am now, with my very first single ‘Tick Tock’.‎ I really couldn’t be happier.

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FAB: Can you remember the first cash you made through your music career, how did it feel?

SH: It felt really good; It’s always good to know that you’re able to manage yourself with the money you earn from what you love to do.

FAB: Which artistes inspire you, both African and foreign, and which ones would you like to have a collaboration with?

SH: I listen to so many different kinds of music and artists because I like to discover new things, but my absolute idol is a little clichéd, but it has always been Beyonce. She’s such an inspiring artist. I’ve been following her journey. I´d love to get a chance to know her. I can only dream about singing a duet with her.

FAB: Your latest song “Tick Tock” – what inspired it?

SH: Well as I said I love to be independent – and even more, as a woman; but sometimes it’s not easy to be a woman because men don’t always get our needs and our priorities. This song is about juggling – time, about our inner clock that is always ‘tick-tocking’ for so many things.

FAB: How do you see the place of female artists in the entertainment industry, do you think they are getting enough attention like their male counterparts?

SH: Completely; I think that’s something we shouldn’t worry that much about. Women are getting empowered, stronger and taking their places not only in this industry but everywhere. We just have to keep working and pushing ourselves.

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FAB: Your photoshoot shows a tee-shirt with “I Am Not Beyonce’s Sister” – you get mistaken for Solange Knowles?

SH: That’s a funny chapter because that tee-shirt story began when my team was presenting me to other people or even when people were talking with me. When i say ‘My name is Solange’ everyone goes ‘Oh Solange Knowles?’ and we have to go like ‘No, there’s another Solange’! So my team created this tee-shirt and we thought that could be funny to use it during a photoshoot to answer the questions once and for all.

FAB: Do you think that has had any impact on your music?

SH: Not necessarily. I really appreciate Solange Knowles as an artist and actually my dad is a huge fan of her music and style but we are different artists with different directions and style.

FAB: Do you think you’ll ever visit Africa?

SH: I was in Angola for a long time while i was shooting my first TV soap-opera called ‘Windeck'; It was amazing to know my roots and understand where my family started to be what it is, and it made a lot of sense for me. I totally feel my African roots.

FAB: Let’s talk about fashion; do you see yourself as a stylish person?

SH: I consider myself to be “moody” person when it comes to fashion: My style totally flows with my mood, sometimes i want to be a princess sometimes i really don’t care about it… and that’s it!

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FAB: What is your favourite fashion item?

SH: I own a glittered pair of pumps that i absolutely love!

FAB: What is your most expensive fashion item?

SH: The most expensive item i own is a pair of sandals by Gucci. I’m crazy about shoes!

FAB: Who are some of your favourite brands?

SH: That’s hard to choose, but I’ll pick Topshop, River Island, Jekkah and Komono.

FAB: What will you never be caught dead in?

SH: I really don’t feel comfortable exposing myself. I don’t like to reveal a lot of flesh, so a ‘see through’ outfit is a huge NO for me.

FAB: What is your beauty routine?

SH: I like to take special care with my face and body skin because it gets really dry, so I stick to the same routine. I wash my face twice daily with a Micellar lotion and use a moisturizing cream for sensitive skin.

FAB: Have you ever worn an African brand?

SH: Yes! In Portugal i use clothes from my friend and designer Teresa Samissone and her brand is called ‘Samissone'; here in the UK i absolutely fell in love with Jekkah clothing.

FAB: Going personal, what romance is brewing in your life?

SH: I’m a romantic girl and i can’t live without a little romance… I’m in love with my life and i can say my heart is taken.

FAB: What are your final words to your fans?

SH: A Massive THANK YOU for all your love and support; I’m glad i have you by my side and i believe we still have a long way to go together. God Bless you all!

Photo Credit: Gilad Sasporta/Da Banda Ltd

You can check Solange Hilario’s new video “Tick Tock” below:

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