Contemporary fashion designer, Mai Atafo brought surprises at the 2012 MTN Lagos Fashion and  design week with a bang when his models hit the runway strutting his dazzling designs.

The highly impressive fashion icon spoke about the challenges he faced preparing for the show, stating limited time as a major one. The beauty about it all is when it comes to a MAI input, there really are no limitations as his exquisite designs are characterized by unconventional approach.

The Summer collection on the male models highlighted the blue-themed effect for a reason apart from the fact that his favorite color is blue. Mai would admit that the inspiration behind the Menswear collection was to imagine a world that was blue summer. If that isn’t out of the box, I wonder what is. While the female models were clad in bridal wears with styles that didn’t entirely represent a departure from conventional designs – floor length and mostly dramatic cuts – but insinuated a major move towards a different path – short wedding dresses, they impressed the idea upon us convincingly well.

The MAI brand put out a different approach and feel, presenting a whole new endearing era. While the idea of short wedding dresses will appeal to a number of vibrant Nigerian brides, some still might not reconcile with the change and Mai is very aware of this as he stated: ‘I’m not trying to preach to Nigerians or enforce the style. I know a lot of people won’t embrace it because we are very traditional in the way we approach weddings but I know that the people who will understand, will’. ‘I’m thinking global. If I was inspired by something, I’ll do it. I would.

But truth be told, more brides are beginning to open up to this new, fashionable bubbly trend that the MAI brand introduces.

Looking forward to his next exciting Autumn/Winter collection that will be showcased at the ARISE Magazine fashion week in March next year. Crossed fingers.



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