kach-tension-video-exclusiveNot long ago we introduced you to the new rising star of Nigerian music, Kach. Nigeria’s answer to Drake, who has a strong blend sound of Afrobeats meets R&B has kicked off the new year with a bang with his release of the video for “Tension”, a true club banger in our opinion.

kach-tension-lagos-exclusive-12kach-tension-lagos-exclusive-10And while you will definitely enjoy the video shot on two locations in Lagos,we also bring you some exclusive behind-the-scenes images straight from the “Instagramming device” of the production manager, ermmm… yours truly (It is by now no mystery, I guess, that I lead a not-so-secret double life as part of Team S TWO)

“Tension” was based on the the concept of a fun party where the main guy (Kach) is observing the “tension” of numerous gorgeous ladies until one in particular catches his attention and much like the video, the set was all about fun and frolics mixed with hard work. Well, when I say “hard work”, I mean enjoying the Lagos sun and good music.

kach-tension-lagos-exclusive-7 kach-tension-lagos-exclusive-3 kach-tension-lagos-exclusive-9 kach-tension-lagos-exclusive-14

Without further ado, and before you go and think my life is a “walk on the yacht” (which it occasionally is), here are the video and the exclusive behind-the-scenes images.

kach-tension-lagos-exclusive-8 kach-tension-lagos-exclusive-1kach-tension-lagos-exclusive-15 kach-tension-lagos-exclusive-16kach-tension-lagos-exclusive-2Images: Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo


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