FAB Exclusive Interview: Aramide Kasunmu of Mizzyb Shoes Online speaks Shoe Fashion and the Biggest Style Errors to Avoid

Aramide Kasunmu of Mizzyb Shoes

Aramide Kasunmu of Mizzyb Shoes

The Mizzyb online shoe store is the perfect shoe shopping place every fashionable and style conscious woman should dream of. The brand has proudly grown from keeping up with trends to setting trends.

Aramide Kasunmu, MD of Mizzyb, being a shoe freak herself and having been in the business long enough to understand it spoke with me about her shoe retailing business, her personal style and what  the ladies ought to look out for when selecting a loved pair.


Mizzyb stocks designer wears from Vivienne Westwood to Aldo, Jessica Simpson, Office, RSVP and a whole lot of other exciting designer collections. The beautiful thing is there is something for every one lady.


About the Mizzyb brand. How did it all start?

Mizzybshoesonline is an online shoe store in Nigeria that caters to only ladies’ shoes from sizes 36-44. It started from not finding good shoes that weren’t over priced and boring. And then again, my feet are big too, which was a bit more challenging.

mizzy10 Shoes have moved from being a need to being a big cultural necessity and then an undeniable fashion statement for the stylish Nigerian woman. Now how does MizzyB intend to not just meet that need but also make the people who wear the shoes feel like their best fashionable selves?

First I always tell ladies “shoes either make or break your outfit”. Having a red pair of shoes might not totally fit your outfit. Color and style make up the total look of an outfit. Mizzyb shoes are very consistent. We have new arrivals almost every week so there is always something new. You hardly get bored on our website if you are shoe lover.

mizzy2 There’s an ongoing promo at Mizzyb. Would you mind letting us into that?

We are constantly doing one promo or another that’s why we encourage people to sign up for our newsletters, follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook. That way everyone is carried along.

Why shoes? What moved you to make a brand out of this?

Passion and lust turned job.


The Mizzyb brand is a fast-growing and impactful one. What plans do you have for expansion?

We’re working on expansion and we want to be able to cater to almost every ladies shoe need.


Do you have any plans to cater for male customers?

Not at all. I understand the women shoe fashion so I’d rather stick with what I know.


How do you keep up with the traffic on the social networking sites that function as business platforms for you?

Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Googleplus, Blackberry Messanger… hmmmmm…trust me when I say it’s God and right now the traffic is sort of manageable.

mizzy5 What makes the Mizzyb brand standout?

We don’t sell clothes and other things; we are strictly about ladies shoes and due to popular demand, we do bags from time to time and shoe accessories like shoe pads and brooches.

What’s the one basic thing a woman should consider before purchasing her favorite pair?

Understand her shoe size.

mizzy12 What is your definition of style?

Simplicity. I don’t think fashion or style is complex.

What’s your personal style like?

One word; “simple”.

If you weren’t doing this, what would have taken up your passion?

Probably selling lingerie or teaching.


Who are your big style icons?

None I guess.

What’s your style mantra? Do you have one?

Feminine. Trendy.

mizzy7 What are the biggest fashion and style foot wearing errors you repeatedly see around you and if given the opportunity, you’d gladly correct? What will the corrections be?

The wrong pair with the wrong outfits and vise versa. When the shoes have done their time, give them up. Also learn to walk in heels from the comfort of your home.

mizzy8 What’s your favorite city in the world to shop for shoes?

I don’t have a particular favorite city. I’d shop anywhere I bargain on a hot pair.

Any guilty pleasures?

Ice cream and blueberry muffins but then I jog it out every other morning.

Connect with the amazing Mizzyb brand via these social platforms and have a lovely time shopping for more shoes!

www. Mizzybshoesonline.com





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