Since her debut at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout in 2010, new luxury womenswear brand Bunmi Koko has hit the ground running returning to VHS with her new AW11 ‘Kaleidoscopia’ collection. BuNmi Koko shone the light on the fash pack yesterday evening with outstanding, colourful 3D geometric print dresses, conspicuous, block coloured coats, suits and patent leather separates. The collection’s unusual combination of reflective textiles like the chiffon, patent leather, wool jersey and sequins looks were impressive.
Nigerian born designer Bunmi Koko explained “the collection was inspired by the origins and discoveries of light, taking futuristic and scientific undertones through the use of optical illusions to create the beautiful images you see in the prints”. From stars that light up the sky to optical phenomena’s such as rainbows and comets, this seasons collection reflects the discoveries of light that were found through using a glass prism. When asked what the FAB thing about being African and Black was to Bunmi she answered; ‘our use of colour, I grew up in Nigeria and I love that we are so bold with colours.” No surprise then that the electromagnetic spectrum evidently formed the palette of the collection with hyper orange, ultra violet, fuchsia and blue balanced by black and aubergine, cleverly designed in the brilliant kaleidoscope print dresses.
Sinem FAB Editor-In-Chief, Bunmi Koko and Pepper FAB Fashion Editor 
Domineering, feminine and intelligent is the ‘Kaleidoscopia’ collection for the Bunmi Koko woman Bunmi described as ‘confident, strong, wants to stand out in a crowd and knows what she wants without following trends”.
With a string of successes since launching in 2009, Bunmi’s ultimate goal is to blossom into a large luxury lifestyle brand sold worldwide. Before that she may have to work on the future Princesses wedding gown after being interviewed by ITV on how she would dress Kate Middleton on her wedding day. So Bunmi Koko Bridal Wear…you saw it here first.
View the full Kaleidoscopia Collection below:


Image Credits: SubySinem

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